the propati family // grinter farms

A close friend of 10 years + her new family + kansas sunflowers + sunsets = pure bliss.

Breanna and Joey met while they were attending school in California. Breanna was working in the front office and Joey was a student- it was scandalous. (JK, you guys, omg she’s going to kill me!!!) Less than a year in they knew they were totally going to get married and have babies. They made it official on a beautiful August afternoon in her grandparents backyard in Pasadena, I cried all of my make-up off. And when they announced baby Emerald was on her way the next summer, it was a freakin’ weep fest.

Breanna grew up in KS and wanted to celebrate her sunflower roots in her little family’s first official pictures. So Grinter Sunflower Farms was the ideal location. We could not have asked for a more chill baby- can you believe little Gem is only 6mos old? Look at that lax disposition (she gets it from her cali dad, for sure). We were racing sunlight but thanks to our models (peep everyone’s blue/green eyes- swoon) we knocked out all of the shots we wanted in about 45minutes. This shoot was so meaningful to both of us. We hope Breanna comes back for the next one- maybe with another tiny?? ;)

-Ali ♡