shelby + landon // engagement photos in heritage park

As we dive into this industry, we have discovered that developing strong relationships with our couples is crucial for a couple of reasons. For one, getting casual is 10x easier on everyone when we’re all friends. If our couple is comfortable then we can connect on a personal level and create authentic and meaningful content for us both. And two, our couples are investing in us as a business and relying on us to capture a really precious season in their lives. We owe it to them to build a relationship with them and it’s so important to us! So when we have a couple like Shelby + Landon, it makes us so so happy to be doing what we’re doing.

Shelby is actually a long-time friend of Ali’s (I mean, like, early elementary school-played-barbies-made-home-music-videos-together kind of friendship) and so taking her engagement photos was an experience we will cherish forever. Fun fact: Ali actually shot Shelby’s senior photos circa 2011! On October 5th, we met the two at Heritage Park in Olathe and it ended up being the most beautiful fall evening - we hit it right at magic hour so that was just a bonus.

I don’t think there was a single moment Shelby wasn’t smiling or laughing at Landon. She was just so happy to be with him! And Landon never hesitated to pull Shelby close or love on her, so sweetly, we might add. It was the kind of session you leave feeling energized. They were on a romantic date for two and we were just there. Sidenote: they’re both extremely attractive. Real talk did they pay us or did we pay them to come model for us…?

We’re shooting their wedding this December (eek, SO excited!) at Mildale Farms in Gardner, Kansas and we cannot wait. These two have been so good to us- shout out to Shelbs for sending each of us $5 out of the blue to “get a marg on me” because “you deserve the world”. WHAT, WE DON’T DESERVE HER!!??! Anyways, we could go on and on about how wonderful these two are but just take a peek at some of their engagement photos and see for yourselffffff —— <3

-Megan ♡