sophie + colton // kc

-Ali ♡

Her Third Eye introduces to you: The Sophie + Colton Collection. Sophie and Colton are the trendiest sweethearts in Kansas and were unsurprisingly naturals in front of the lens. I met both of them only six months ago and all but harassed them into posing for us. Meg and I met up with them on a very sweaty day in July but because they're next-level fresh... no one had trouble staying cool.

But there's more than meets the eye with these two. In addition to being babes with cool outfits, or "fits" as they called them, S+C have a lot of heart. They met attending summer camp at Youthfront (yep, they were each others #campcrush). And now years later, they both work there... tirelessly pouring into youth and building community. Next week Sophie takes off for Croc, Mexico to participate in a year-long program affiliated with Youthfront. She'll be spending her days teaching music, art, and English and experiencing a way of life very different from the one she's come to know in her hometown of Lee's Summit. She is empowering and sharp and a role model to many. And Colton is a talented guitar player and teacher with an incredible sense of comedic timing and a propensity for romance. He surprised Sophie with this session simply because "she loves surprises" and he wanted to sneak one in before she leaves. Help, our eye balls are sweating and won't stop! You guys, it's so worth it when you're shooting really amazing people. Sigh. I love my job! 

Team H3E experimented with new locations on this one. We started in Heritage Park and ended in the East Crossroads. We wanted to capture the versatility of Sophie and Colton. We were aiming for cute... but with an edge. This collection is sexy-- and we're stoked about it. Take a peek for yourself and let us know what you think.

Ali + Megan

PS: If you'd like to learn more about Sophie's journey to Mexico... you can read more here. (And if you're feeling extra giving, shoot her some funds!)