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Why is everything so expensive always?

I feel this. On a spiritual level. And look: if you don't have it in the budget and you need to prioritize elsewhere? No hard feelings. True story: I almost didn't hire a videographer for my wedding. I changed my mind last minute (and I'm so glad I did) but I understand firsthand what it's like to make budgetary sacrifices on your big day.
If you're on the fence or want to know where exactly your money is going, here's a comprehensive look at all of the hard costs behind having your wedding or event professionally filmed and edited. 
  • Camera Bodies + Lenses

  • Equipment Insurance

  • Gear Repairs and Tune-Ups

  • Gear Rentals

  • Second Shooters

  • Gas Mileage

  • Parking Fees

  • Meals

  • Editing Software 

  • Hard Drives

  • Monthly Subscriptions

  • Music Licensing

  • File Transfers and Storage

  • Website + Domain

  • Industry Events

  • Annual Small Business Taxes

          (roughly 20% of annual income)

Our wedding film packages start at $4,000 in 2022. Still not sold?

I'd be happy to set-up a payment plan with you.