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Here's a little glimpse into my why.


I’m very close to my family. My parents and grandparents are some of my greatest inspirations and my sister and brother are my best friends. Whenever we’re all together we pour a fat glass of Bourbon, obsess over old photos, videos, and memorabilia, and swap stories until late at night. For us these old clips and funny stories are a great source of amusement. But to my grandma, they're precious gold. They’re all that she has left of her family. Of my grandpa.

Imagine this for yourself for a moment... 30 years from now. Listening to your parent’s voices. Watching your best friends cry at the altar standing next to you. Squeeze your hand at the head table. No doubt you'll be laughing at the music that’s going to be considered oldies in the 2050's but isn't that what it's all about? Is there anything more precious than this? 


To me these films are a priceless gift. And my greatest achievement in this life. My goal: in 30 years I want you to laugh and cry just like you did when you walked down the aisle on your wedding day. 

Fun fact: my biz name was gifted to me by my father, Russ Hadley, who built and owned a production company in Kansas City under the name Third Eye Productions for 30 years. I repurposed the name when he retired it, adding the "her" and carrying on the torch. 

My Wedding Film

Black and white portrait photography of a wedding videographer standing in front of a cliff in Cork, Ireland
Black and white film photography of a wedding videographer taking a photo of a wedding bouquet and some gold jewelry
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